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An unseen ignition risk in hazardous areas

Non-compliant electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres At Inlex, each year, we inspect thousands of pieces of electrical equipment in


Inlex – IECEx Certified Service Facility

Inlex is Australia’s first IECEx certified inspection & maintenance facility. We’re proud to announce we have achieved certification under the


RAAF Pearce and HMAS Stirling Hazardous Area Inspections

Many Defence facilities in Australia have been established for decades and most were constructed before the ‘Manual for Infrastructure Engineering


Custom Solution – Hazardous Area Power Shutdown Units

Electrical equipment for hazardous areas (EEHA) is highly specialised and it’s often difficult to find equipment to suit niche project


Imported Fuel Gas Skid Rectification

Equipment and modules for oil and gas facilities in Australia are commonly manufactured overseas. Despite significant effort to ensure construction


LNG Plant Transformer Maintenance

Transformers are critical to the operation of any large industrial facility. Regular condition assessments and preventative maintenance are essential to


Power Micro-Grid Hydrogen Generator EEHA Inspection

The hydrogen energy sector is set to grow rapidly in Australia over the coming years. To enable this growth, high


Iron Ore Mine E&I Package Inspection

Large scale international manufacturing businesses can become complacent when carrying out electrical and instrumentation (E&I) installation works. When working across


Nickel Refinery HAC & Static Electricity Review

Static electricity is a common and often harmless phenomenon, however, electrostatic discharges in hazardous areas can easily ignite explosive atmospheres.