Mineral Processing

Mining and mineral processing power the Australian economy. Downtime due to maintenance is costly – loss of production due to major incidents, even more so.

Potentially explosive atmospheres around process chemicals are common in mineral resources facilities. However, it’s often not recognised that national standards and regulations exist to control the use of electrical equipment in these areas.

We have over 50 years of combined experience working with electrical equipment for hazardous areas (EEHA). We can help ensure your site complies with the national standards, the AS/NZS (IEC) 60079 series for explosive atmospheres, and the regulatory requirements outlined in AS/NZS 3000 Australian and New Zealand wiring rules. Keep your site compliant, operating, and safe – get in touch with us today.

Harsh conditions can compromise explosion protection

Hazardous area electrical equipment is specially designed and constructed to prevent it from igniting explosive atmospheres. As with any equipment, it can degrade over time, and the level of explosion protection can be compromised. Harsh environments can accelerate equipment degradation and quietly expose facilities to risk. High or low temperatures, corrosive substances, vibration, impacts, abrasion, wind, painting processes, UV radiation, chemicals, water, dust, dirt, plants, animals, and insects can all affect the explosion protection of electrical equipment.

If your facility contains these environmental factors, we can help ensure equipment remains in good condition and does the job it was intended to – preventing explosions and protecting people.

Hazardous area health check

We offer cost-effective solutions to undertake initial audits of mineral processing facilities to give you a ‘health check’ on your state of compliance and the condition of your equipment.

Based on health check findings, we can undertake a full audit programme to inspect any electrical equipment used in hazardous areas to ensure it complies. Where non-compliant equipment is discovered, we can develop solutions to rectify issues.

We work with you to implement inspection programmes adhering to the standard AS/NZS (IEC) 60079-17. We ensure safety is maintained, compliance is guaranteed, and incidents are eliminated, ultimately saving you money, improving productivity, and providing peace of mind.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how we can help maintain compliance, improve safety, and reduce downtime in your facility.